דויד ברוזה - רחוב שני // David Broza - Second Street

by David Broza



released January 1, 1994



all rights reserved


David Broza Israel

Israeli superstar David Broza has been considered one of the most dynamic and vibrant performers in the singer/songwriter world.
His charismatic and energetic performances have brought to worldwide audiences, a fusion of the three different countries in which he was raised: Israel, Spain, and England.
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Track Name: When A Man Holds A Woman
Written By: David Broza & Terry Cox
מילים ולחן: דויד ברוזה וטרי קוקס
Track Name: Sorry For Our Innocence
You were such a small girl, when I used to stay
In the dirt yards outside the factory
I remember how we managed to sway
In the hot shade of the concrete quay
Where a rusted freighter pulled at its stays
In the dirty backwater we hoped would take us away

I'm sorry for our innocence
But when I was a younger man
I tried to be a kinder man
A gentle man
I tried to be a man of consequence
A man of significance
But when I left home, I left forever
And nothing can change what chance has severed

Can you still hear the bands that played in the square
The steel drums, the starving dogs
And the old women we'd see there?
Those songs of future tense, that black beat of despair
We were so unaware
Of the empty words tossed in disrepair
In the blasted air


I remember late winter when the wind off the water
Lifted your hair like a curtain for stars
And I remember later summer, when the shouts in the night
Lit up the hills, the harbor and bars
With the glow of money not earned, and lessons not learned
The glow of the badly burned
By the politics of no return
Track Name: Winds Of Change
The sun turned red that day
The day you turned and walked away
The day my heart bled a bitter river of tears
You stood there straight and strong
Like a judge righting a wrong
And you said the words I could not bear to hear

And with every word you spoke
Something fragile in me broke
Don't know till there's no hope how some
Things matter
They say in time things pass
But when something hits that hard, that fast
A heart made of glass is bound to shatter

The winds of change have blown
The rivers have overflown
The ceiling of my sky has descended
Like a bolt out of the blue
Time can rip through you
And leave a tear that may never be mended

You said from where you stood
You tried every way you could
To make me understand the things you needed
Guess I didn't see the signs
I may have drawn too many lines
It's so easy to let the hard things go unheeded

And now I count up all our years
As I cry these countless tears
For the day that changed the face of my tomorrow
I can barely long
For a brighter, braver dawn
As I lay drowning in the well of my sorrow

Is there no warmth in the sun
When it shines on just one?
Is there nowhere a comforting shoulder?
Will the world stay this dark?
Is there no fire in this spark?
Will the night's heartless arms just get colder?

The winds of change have blown
The rivers have overflown
The ceiling of my sky has descended
Like a bolt out of the blue
Time will rip through you
And leave a tear that may never, oh can in ever be mended?
Tell me, can it be mended?
Track Name: Dark Street Of The Heart
All night the cafes stay open
And all night the laughter is broken
By sirens and light. Tonight
Something's burning inside me
There's ash in the air
Footsteps on the stairs
Something's burning inside me tonight

And when it all comes apart
I'll meet you
In the cathedral
On the dark street of the heart

All day the markets are alive
With rumors and lies
And money passes by
Like conversations overheard, like starving birds
In the empty embassies by the park
And I thought I saw you today
A figure in the crowd, sliding away
In the heat and the dust of the day

Tell me what to believe, who to deceive
When I look at my eyes in the mirror
Tell me what to say as I stand in the shade
Of a broken balcony
A car door slams
And I don't understand
Where you are anymore
Track Name: Second Street
Let me take you back again
To Second Street in Spring
There is a softness in the air
That only time can bring

Flowers line the balconies
And windows open wide
She is waiting there for me
As darkness creeps inside

She was just a girl I knew
A long long time ago
And why I let walk away
I don't thing I'll ever know
And she will let me hold her there
While the world outside goes dim
And even though I cannot stay
She always takes me in

But since our lives will not let go
Our whispers have to end
Though I still see her walk from me
As memory descends


Now Second Street's just another street
In a blasted part of town
It's a street where shadows meet
And the dark competes
But lovers can't be found
No lovers can't be found
Track Name: Macha
She waves away anything suspicious
And doesn't linger or hesitate
Goes where she wants when she wishes
Expectations hold no weight

Walking down the street
That's the Macha
See those dancing feet
That's the Macha
Ripping through the heat
That's the Macha
Tearing up every beat
That's the Macha

She casts a net of the senses
That no one can escape
Has given up on all pretenses
That gives tomorrow a shape

She needs a match for her passion
That won't limit her control
Love can never be rationed
Surrounded the body fill the soul
Track Name: Along The Hudson
I wore a flight jacket once
Torn open all one winter
'Cause nothing in New York City
Not the trucks I unloaded
Or the streets they slammed down
Was gonna touch me

I though that if I did one or two things right
I might rise above all that business
The way each morning
While I stamped my feet
In the frozen Sea line Freight Yard
As sheets of light
Rose above the broken terminals of Lower East Side
Sheets of light
Rose above the broken terminals of Lower East Side

But it didn't take long
For my hands to clench on their own
No it didn't take long
For the wind and the light
To blow out
Along the Hudson

I thought on days
There wasn't any work
If I had walked Battery Park long enough
Watching two rivers turn
Turn into each other
I might understand
What was ahead


And I thought
The Spanish I heard spoken all night
Was just a song a city sang to itself
To soothe the sleep of a girl
Beside me
And I remembered
A story about an old man who lies
Besides a sleeping girl
And listens to the dry rustle of his heart


I wore a flight jacked once
Torn open all one winter
'Cause nothing in New York City
Not the trucks I unloaded
Or the streets they slammed down
Was gonna touch me

(adapted from 'Amnesty')
Track Name: Dear Marianna (I Miss You)
Of course tonight the thoughts
Are on the land of the rising sun
December 7th, 1941
One never knows what's next
Blonds, redheads, brunettes
War! Wow!!
This gives me a want to go to mother feeling
I don't want to hold and have you now
But then you can't always have your own way

And I miss you and with the world as it is
My longing for you is even greater
I miss you and with the world as it is
The longing for you is even greater

Last night I knocked myself out
With the good old… guess what,
I tried to write to you, but then there's no way
I get so outspoken when I'm drunk
Besides, I want to have something to say
When you lay your head on me
My friend, Tom, is laughing 'cause I'm writing again
But then he turn of events makes me scared


Now it's Sunday night
December 7th, 9:15
Tell me where's my love
How does she feel?
Thinking of me?
I was still in bed
Tom was up reading when the radio said
Bombs, Japan, Pearl Harbor
He turned and said, "Now what they want to say
A think like that for?"
My head was reeling
I didn't get it, but those words will never fade
I want to turn to you and hold you
Until this whole thing is over and done.
Track Name: Riding Car Top Down
Riding car top down
Riding car top down
All steel and song
I am the man and the boy you knew
And I'm dreaming of riding car top down and kissing you

Arizona sunsets are a dime a dozen
Hard times die there where the boys are men
Women ride their horses anywhere they want to
Stars pack a spark like pins in the sky

Riding through the canyon, up onto the mountain
I ride through the night and the night is you
Every time you touch me, I feel those tears inside me
All falling down into your hand

Kissing you
The stars rise up
Kissing you the night lights up
Kissing you
It won't calm down
Track Name: In Snow
With the window sitting with you
And with glass, with air to see with
There I came with you to be with
Asking if and ever were

And with snow, with wet and moving
There we brought the afternoon in
Soon with gin we poured the ache down
Soon we felt the air we moved with
Now with snow and later raining
We went out and moved the walking
And in snow resumed the drifting
Of the past that we'd been talking
I was cold and you were raining
I had stayed while you went leaving
And the life that I was walking
Turned to air, and then went dark

You now mentioned all your leaving
(now that afternoon had left us)
And you rained with need and grieving
For that staring boy you left

I recalled the boy who saw you
As you moved through girl, through bleeding
And I mentioned movements boyward
Where in snow we'd lain all needing

We lie down, within this window
And in snow, in rain and moving
We give back our time it's longing
Over field and snow and leaving
Track Name: The Art Of Losing (One Art)
The art of losing isn't hard to master
So many things seem filled with intent to be lost
The art of losing isn't too hard to master
Their loss is no disaster

Lose something every day
Accept the fluster of lost door keys
Accept the hour badly spent
Lose something faster and farther
Lose the days content
Lose the year's lament


Lose something deep in your heart
A house, a city, a continent
Some realms, two rivers, names of places you went
Lose ground where your feet once stood firm
Lose what falls in the sky
Lose your prayer in reply


Even losing you, I shan't deny
It's evident, the art of losing isn't too hard to master
Though it may look, say it,
Look like disaster
Track Name: Chileno Boys
The Chileno Boys
Pull their fish by the fins
In the dirt and they sing
About old times and the women they will know
Mariquita and Caras
The girls in their dreams, of when they'll be men
Not different, not different they say
Not different from you

The Chileno Boys
Pull their feet by the strings
In the dirt they sing
Confusing themselves in the inside tangled jungle
Of sons and fathers
Themselves lost halfway into the years
That have been and will be long
Not different, not different they say
Not different from you

Fish they sell
What they catch
What they can
What they hold in their arms
For the day
Sons and fathers
Of the sea
A world in which just to walk
You must run
So they sell
What they catch
What they hold in their arms
For the day
Not different, not different they say
Not different from you